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Root Canal Treatment Brantford

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment Brantford

Root canal treatment can save your teeth and prevent the need for extraction, bridge or dental implant. Number one cause of root canal treatment is decay. Neglected decayed teeth along with bad oral hygiene is the perfect combination for bacterial growth. As the bacteria continue to destroy dental tissue, it’s only the matter of time until they expand over tooth’s nerve. Furthermore, it can result in infection or even abscess. Except decay, tooth nerve can be affected due to traumatic occlusion, gum abscess, or injury resulting in cracked and fractured tooth.

If you prefer to save the tooth, rather than extract it, root canal treatment is the only option.

The procedure of root canal treatment involves removing of decay along with the nerve, cleaning and disinfecting the remaining dental tissue. After that, it comes to filling and sealing. It is worth knowing that in some cases, usually when there was an infection, treatment needs more than one visit.

Root canal therapy tends to weaken tooth, therefore dental crowns are often necessary to restore and protect the remains of the tooth as much as possible.

Aesthetic aspect of dental crowns can fully restore or even improve your smile, while their durability will make sure you are care free, without stress of cracking or chipping

Is Root Canal Treatment painful?

Root canal procedure is not as painful as it sounds! You don't have to dread getting this procedure done. With the help of numbing medicine, you shouldn't have any severe pain. You do have to take good care of your mouth after the treatment, and you may experience some post-procedure discomfort, but nothing that an over the counter pain reliever could not ease.

When do you need Root Canal Treatment?

Once the nerve in a tooth has suffered infection or trauma, the tooth will begin to disintegrate from the inside out. Root Canal procedure preserves the tooth so that it can be retained for several more years rather than needing to be extracted. Endodontic (root canal) treatment is recommended for situations such as:

  • Dental abscess
  • Dying tooth
  • Severe fracture in tooth
  • Deep cavities
  • Severe tooth sensitivity or pain

Root canal treatment can be done in 1 or 2 appointments. After root canal treatment, your tooth may be tender for the first few days. Severe pain or swelling are not common. If this happens, call your dentist or endodontist. You can still get a cavity or gum disease after a root canal treatment. Root canal treatment does not protect your tooth from other types of damage. However with proper care and regular dental visits, the tooth could last as long as your other teeth. Most of the time, a tooth that has had a root canal treatment can be saved.

Because of the complexity and difficulty of root canal therapy (due to multiple configurations and particularities of root canals in each individual) this treatment can pose a challenge for the dentist. Sometimes, it’s necessary to refer the patient to endodontists specializing in root canal therapy in Brantford.

Fairview Family Dental in Brantford is experienced in root canal procedures. We encourage you to book a consultation with our experienced dentists and discuss your options.

If you are looking for a dentist in Brantford for Root Canal Treatment please call us at (519) 720-0448 or book an appointment online.

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