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Most Common Tooth Brushing Mistakes

Most Common Tooth Brushing Mistakes

Most Common Tooth Brushing Mistakes - Dentist Brantford - Fairview Family Dental

Everyone brushes their teeth. It’s just one of those grooming tasks we do every morning, hopefully, noon, and night. And if we listen to our dentist, we floss too.

The whole point of brushing your teeth is to keep them. We don’t get anymore. When we brush our teeth, the aim is to remove plaque and prevent gum disease and cavities.

But how many of us are brushing our teeth properly? We all think we are, but could we be doing a better job? Read on to learn about the most common mistakes people make when brushing their teeth and see if you’re doing any of them.

Using the Wrong Toothbrush

Toothbrushes come in all shapes and sizes. Why? Because everyone has a different mouth, and you’ll need a toothbrush that fits yours. Small and medium-size brushes are the best since they can reach as far back as your wisdom teeth while also getting the entire interior of your mouth squeaky clean. Of course, kids should be using kid-size toothbrushes. Finally, make sure the bristles are hard enough to remove plaque but not too hard, or they will damage the gums. Another popular option these days is the electric toothbrush.

Brushing the Wrong Way

Going side to side and up and down is not how to brush teeth. Instead, brush in circular motions at a 45-degree angle toward the gum line. Also, don’t skip the biting surface. Use slow, circular strokes to clean them thoroughly.

Not Brushing Enough

Every time you brush your teeth, do it for two minutes at least twice a day. Start first thing in the morning to remove the bacteria that’s built up while you slept. It’s also a good idea to brush after you drink or eat anything with sugar. Sugar is to bacteria what honey is to bees.

Brushing too hard and too Often

Just as your teeth won’t grow back, your enamel also only has one life. If you brush your teeth too often and too hard, you will cause damage. Enamel is a coating that protects your teeth. Brush too hard, and you’ll brush it right off – never to return.

Not Brushing the Inside

Chances are, when you brush your teeth, you accidentally ignore some areas, the inside surface of teeth. We tend to focus on the part we can see and forget the rest.

Always Starting at the Same Place

Do you ever begin your toothbrushing session in a particular way and with a specific tooth? If so, change up the routine. Go a little crazy and start with the inside instead of the outside. Start with the biting surface the next time. Have fun with it. When you change up your brushing routine, all your teeth will get the same attention they need.

Overusing Your toothbrush

Throw your toothbrush out every three months. A worn-out toothbrush won’t get the job done, and you’ll be wasting your teeth’ time.

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